6 Month Mark. Clarity.

It’s been over 6 months since radio handed me an exit. I though it was the end of me. 20 years of my life behind a microphone, hosting events, standing in front of 20,000 screaming fans introducing their favorite band. Then one snowy motherfucking day, it ended. 

Parting ways, going in a different direction, whatever the fat fucking lie was, I leaned quick that change is a fucking blessing.

I have learned a lot about people whom I once considered close friends, coworkers, listeners, and even family that were nothing but ghosts. Once I had nothing left to offer, poof, they vanished into the night just as quickly as my voice did from the FM radio dial. Perhaps that’s what hurt the most, but my mind callused over, and those motherfuckers are nothing but gasoline.

I learned much more about myself as well. One, I clearly didn’t need the ghosts mentioned above ☝️, and I had a lot of shit to figure out. For over two decades, radio had defined who I was. I had survived buyouts and takeovers, mass firings, stations built and blown up, felt nearly invincible. Thought for a moment, and was told, I had this amazing future and was being groomed accordingly. Yeah, no. More bullshit masking and false security inside a dying industry. 

When the day came and it was over, I took 72 hours to get over it. Created the #welcometocooperville podcast, built a home studio, and began a new adventure. Thank god for the support is real humans who’ve opened up doors for me to keep some money coming in and keeping the lights on. 

But this past six months has been about more than getting over fake ass people, learning a new job, or struggling with working from home, it’s been about figuring out who the fuck I am. It’s taken mentors like Gary Vee and David Goggins to slap me upside the fucking skull and wake me the fuck up. It’s taken real friends and family who let me know they had my fucking back no matter what. Cooper is my brand, it’s the entity I created and built in the late 90’s, and will be the legacy I leave behind. What I’m figuring out now and will continue to dissect, is who the fuck is Kris Roach. (That’s my real name, for those who didn’t know) #onward #canthurtme

Just so you know, as I posted this on socials, a lot of people came out and had concern about me an my wellbeing.. this post is more a statement of strength and drive and determination than it is about suffering or weakness. #uncommonamongsttheuncommon

Kris Cooper