Episode #1 - The Introduction Episode

There’s a downfall to being a perfectionist… Ok, there is more than one…

I wanted episode one of the Welcome to Cooperville Podcast to be perfect. Edit out all the breaths and “umms,” get everything sounding crisp and clean and polished.

What I realized leading into this past week was, I could be working on this for weeks and never have been able to start working on even the next episode.

So I said, FUCK IT.

I stopped listening to it over and over every day. I finally mixed it down. Added the tags. Saved the final copy. And uploaded it.


Got a chance to toss up about getting fired, Bobby Kraft’s “issues,” Momo bullshit, and parenting. Hope you give a listen!

Currently available on the website, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Soundcloud, YouTube, and a few others. Should be up on Apple Podcasts soon as well as Google Podcasts.

Really fucking exited for Episode #2 with Phil Norvold from Max Bilt Off Road & MFG! It’ll drop on 3/15 at 4:30pm CST!