Snow Days

Don’t you remember the thrill? Knowing there was snow in the forecast. Setting your alarm to get up hours before you normally would have to. Turning on the radio and listening for the personalities do go through the laundry list of school closings? If you missed your school you’d have to wait for the next break when they’d run through them all again?

Then… the JOY! “YOUR SCHOOL, is closed for today!”

Cue heavenly harps and choirs of angel voices singing!

That was then. (And yes, I realize my “then” did NOT involve walking to school up hill both ways in 20 feet of snow.)

Now… There’s a text, a phone call, and an email that are all sent out before 5:30am informing you that your child can play on their tablets, phones, and computers all motherfucking day long.

G$ has had 8 snow days to date. I really can't wait to see what the plan is for when they have school on July 4th. Maybe they’ll do fireworks at the school?

All I am saying is that it may be time to come to grips with the fact that times are different. Our kids are dealing with different challenges than we faced. As our parents dealt with different shit than we dealt with. But it is what it is.

That got me thinking about things on another level. The difference in parenting between generations. We hold the same “values” our parents instilled in us as they were the “values” our grandparents instilled in our parents. The generational gaps we all had to deal with at some point in our upbringing.

Sure they don’t listen. But neither did we. It’s just different context. The distractions are just different. Remember when Elvis was “controversial?“ Yeah, I jumped a bit there. But did you follow?

I try to remember that when G$ has a snow day or its Saturday or it’s any hour of the day he’s not sleeping or in school. They’re living in the most advanced time of a generation. They have everything in the palm of their hands. I remember a math teacher telling our class one day that we, “needed to know how to do this because it’s not like were going to be walking around as adults with a calculator in our pocket!” She was right. It’s so much more than a fucking calculator. It’s a little hand held device that gives us every bit of knowledge we could ever ask for in a milliseconds time.

Seems a bit different than our parents, parents huddling around a radio on a specific night of the week to hear the latest news, stories, music, etc. Our kids have it right here, right now, and it’s all on demand. When they want to hear it, know it, LEARN it, BOOM.. they get it.

So to keep telling them to put their phones down or to stop posting videos and images on IG or TikTok.. think if it like our parents telling us video games rot our brains or rock n roll was the devils avenue into our soul..

See.. Elvis