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I say bad words, with the best intentions
— Caleb Shomo - Beartooth

WTC podcast

I got 99 problems, but regret ain’t one
— Gary Vaynerchuk

Cooper | Radio

Cooper started his career in radio in 1999 in Madison, WI at WMAD FM. After returning to his hometown of Eau Claire, WI in 2000, Cooper spent time on-air at County Heritage station WAXX 104.5, CHR WIAL (I-94), Active Rock WDRK (99.9 The Carp), and 92.9 The Big Cheese (Classic Rock). Cooper was charged with the transformation of The Big Cheese into Active Rocker 92.9 The X in 2013. The X was one of the most active stations in the market including Cooper’s “Project X” initiative which donated over $100,000 to local charities in it’s first five years of existence. After ending is career at The X, Cooper forged Cooperville Ink. to secure his legacy and talents through podcasting, producing, voice overs, nationwide radio voice tracking, web, & graphic design.

Cooper has interviewed thousands of guests throughout the course of his 20 year career. From rock stars to stars of TV and movies.

Cooper’s voice has been heard on radio and television commercials for over two decades.